LSAqua talks about ANFs

Ant-inutritional factors (ANFs) are substances or metabolites that interfere in the use of food or feed and may affect the animal health and production. They can mostly be found in plant feedstuffs; however, it has seldom detected in animal or microorganism by-products. ANFs type and concentration varies with plant species, which protect them from predators, causing toxicity or gastrointestinal disruption.

The FAO has set up a portal to check the ANFs of different feed raw materials, where you can find as well the removal treatment: Anti-nutritional factors from feed ingredients

The following table illustrates some examples of ANFs, their effect in fish and their presence in feedstuff:

We would like to know your opinion regarding ANFs:
Does ANFs may reduce the inclusion of plant feedstuff into the feed? Which one you consider the most dangerous?

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