LSAqua talks about PAP

Processed animal protein (PAP) is a protein source treated mainly with heat and pressure until obtaining a safe by-product that can serve as an animal ingredient. PAPs term encompasses feather meal, blood meal, meat and bone meal, hoof meal, horn meal from non-ruminant origin with a protein content between 50% up to 80%. Moreover, are compound of fewer carbohydrates, balanced fat, better palatability than fishmeal and not anti-nutritional factors.

PAPs are processed at the point of slaughter and are completely traceable, guaranteeing safety and control. Such qualities, jointly with competitive price, make them a healthy ingredient which contributes to circular economy.

Since 2013, its utilization for Aquaculture was reintroduced in Europe (EC Regulation No 56/ 2013) and EFPRA (which represents the European animal by-product processing sector has looked over for the continuous improving of the safety, security and sustainability of European food production.

In LSAqua, we believe in the nutritional and healthy qualities of PAPs as well as the combination with different raw materials to fulfil the alimentary requirements.

We would like to know your opinion regarding PAP: Are you using it? Do you think it is a promising ingredient?

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