Lambers Seghers Nv (mother company of LSAqua) is a partner of the project Whey2LIFE funded by the EU program LIFE -program addressed to projects related with the environment and climate action-. The project contributes to the implementation of the 7th Environment Action Programme, the Roadmap to a Resource-efficient Europe, the Water Framework Directive, the Nitrate Directive and other EU policy relating to the circular economy, waste and water treatment, and energy and resource use efficiency.

The Whey2LIFE proposal is the valorization of Whey permeate (WP) by the implementation of an industrial integrated concept through the value chain based on circular economy. This method not only will provide a sustainable solution, but also will reduce the energy and water consumption.

Whey Permeate (WP) is a low value by-product of the dairy industry, obtained during cheese production and its disposal in an environmentally friendly manner is a real challenge. This product is compounded mainly by water with lactose (80% on dry matter basis), nitrogenous components, minerals and traces of vitamins that can have a great potential as renewable biocompound.

The project will develop a valorization schema with an integrated biorefinery that will transform the WP into yeast protein that could be used in feed industry with the benefits of protein source and potential probiotic effects.

In LSAqua we will study the effects of the yeast protein in growth performance and gut microbiota of several Aquaculture species.

Further information regarding the Whey2life and EU LIFE :