Single Cell Protein (SCP)

“Single Cell Protein” (SCP) arise as a potential alternative. SCP refers to dried cells of microorganisms such bacteria, yeasts, fungi and algae. They are cultured in different mediums and could be used as a protein source for feed or food. Further their protein content (60-80%), their biomass contains vitamins, minerals, lipids and carbohydrates. Microorganisms are able to produce high quality protein using wastes and cheap materials, turning residues into resources. Since microorganisms, intake a huge variety of materials like cellulose hemicellulose, carbon dioxide or methane, they can also help to mitigate pollution problems.

Moreover, microorganisms are not hold on seasonal changes and land area is not a limiting factor for their growth. Other reason for utilise them, is their high speed of production in comparison with plants and animals, being feasible to multiply their mount of biomass in few hours.

Regarding the aquaculture sector, some experiments demonstrated that the inclusion of bacterial on the diets has a positive effect on growth, survival and immune system in larvae and juvenile aquatic animals.

For this reason, LSAqua has bet on SCP and has included in all their concentrates. We believe in the nutritional and healthy qualities of the ingredient.

References available on request