LSAqua in EURASTip

Last month LSAqua team had the opportunity to be part of EurAsTip project. The programme peruse the essential statements of: Safety (planet, people and animals) and Sharing (the practices and knowledge).

During ten days we’ve been visiting Aquaculture facilities from Vietnam and Thailand, jointly with BATiP delegation (Bangladesh). We have not only discovered the way of working of these two countries, but also how Bangladeshi people work as well. We had the chance to witness a processing plant, an artemia culture, a zero-waste farm, shrimp and fish hatcheries and farms, university Aquaculture department, additives plant …The majority of these species are not cultured in Europe and thanks to the trip we appreciate them a bit more.

In addition, it was scheduled two brokerage events, where we have learnt from each other. The experience was absolutely rewarding; variety in topics and information; different points of views;academia and industry together… It was really well-organized and well-structured.

In the journey, we have bonded with local and delegation partners; and new synergies, ideas and perspectives have come up.Furthermore, we acquired information regarding their mindset and legal issues.We gratefully realized that we share the same concern with resources and climate change.The information exchanged, will help us to go together towards the same direction, to create a better and more sustainable planet.

To sum up, we’ve gained new knowledge and we’ve opened countless doors.